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Team Development.

Team Development.

What is your supernatural identity, what value do you supernaturally bring to your team, and how do you contribute to the Great Commission?

When you’re a ministry leader, the choice to “go it” alone is a choice to limit your impact. The better choice – the only real choice – is to build a collaborative, cohesive team that will work hand in hand with you. However, building a successful team is not merely about assembling warm bodies. It’s fundamentally about curating a collective of passionately engaged individuals that are deeply committed to building unity in the Body of Christ so more people will know Jesus.

GRIP+ emerges as a catalyst, a tool to initiate this team-building and development process. After all, a strong team isn’t just an asset; it’s the very essence of what Jesus had in mind when it came to “turning the world upside down”.

What is… GRIP?

GRIP is a team-based assessment to understand how the Holy Spirit empowers us together as we individually and collectively understand, develop and utilises our spiritual gifts.

This assessment looks at a person’s supernatural DNA, allowing them to get a grip on their Spiritual Gifts using three unique languages.

  • Gifts Language – identifies where God has made us strong, and just as importanly, where we are weak.
  • Team Language – identifies how our gifts translate into our fit in teams and evaluates how our gifts function in a team setting.
  • Body Building Language – reveals how our gifts equip us to build, expand, and deepen the Body of Christ.

GRIP provides an understanding and framing for us to answer three fundamental questions:

  • Where am I strong?
  • Where am I weak?
  • Who do I need?

What is… GRIP+?

GRIP+ includes two additional assessments – Our Values and Discerning Direction Together. Combined, these assessments provide the framing and language necessary for each team to dig deeply into God’s unique design for them.

Our Values is a team assessment designed to understand the impact of our unique values on the team’s fabric. It prompts reflection on where we have high alignment and where we have aversions. Recognising that values aren’t inherently good or bad; they’re our unique worldview forged from life experiences, education, relationships, and beliefs. This tool is a catalyst for meaningful conversations grounded in understanding and empathy, fostering open feedback.

Discerning Direction Together is a team-focused exploration to grasp how the Lord wants to guide our collective ministry journey for the current season. It’s more than an assessment; it’s a dynamic process of team listening, a reflection on the Holy Spirit’s distinct influence on our shared path. This collaborative journey is about discerning, sharing, and co-creating.

The essence of Discerning Direction Together (DDT) lies in uncovering a compelling vision or heart concern that propels the team to extraordinary levels of sacrifice. Think of it as your ministry’s defining moment—a unique calling and passion for this season, charting the course for your contribution to His Kingdom.

Crafting your personal DDT statement marks the first step, but it’s not a solitary pursuit or a one-size-fits-all directive. It’s not a license for solo endeavours or a static guide for every life season. Instead, it’s a way for you to align with the team, honoring God’s unique guidance within the context of relationships as you collectively contribute meaningfully to the Kingdom of God.

Features of GRIP+

  • 5 unique assessments designed to build Kingdom-focused teams
  • Individual, team, and team leader reports included
  • Facilitation guides included, with the option of having a trained facilitator work with your team
  • Discussion of natural motivation (Our Values), God-given passion and direction (Discerning Direction Together), and supernatural gifting (GRIP) together in one tool.