Dare Greatly Coaching

Dare Greatly Coaching



I believe your organisation can flourish.


I choose to work with micro and small to medium-sized Christian organisations, churches and other not-for-profits because I firmly believe every organisation deserves the best chance at achieving long-term health and ongoing success regardless of current size and capacity.

Through coaching, consulting, or facilitation, I’ll work with you to guide your organisation toward organisational health and growth, allowing you and your team to focus on the mission, not survival.

My primary

focus areas:

  • Leadership Development
  • Strategic Planning
  • Communications
  • Fundraising
  • Governance



Coaching is all about you first, before the organisation you lead. Our approach will help you discover, develop and implement the PLANS God has for you, build your skills and confidence, while living a more balanced and abundant life.


Being a consultant means you have a partner who will help your organisation flourish. Together we will build your organisation’s capacity, resources, services and income to meet the needs of your community and achieve your mission.



Facilitation guides your organisation on a journey from uncertainty to clarity. Our strategy and team development workshops are engaging and invigorating for participants while yielding tangible, real-world results for your organisation.

I need to say, you are good for me. Thanks for making my brain grow in my perception of things. And thanks for helping me find… Read more “Debbie Dodds”

Debbie Dodds
Rahab Toowoomba

Darwin’s Christian broadcaster, 97 Seven FM, has been operating for over 30 years. I’ve been the CEO for more than 15 years of those years. For some time, the Station has relied on the dedicated efforts of a small volunteer team. I’m the only paid employee. Despite attempts to employ the right people, each has eventually left the Station. Some of those employees were great, while others were manipulative disasters. Still, each departure made it challenging to replace them as the Station’s income dropped. Subsequently, I’m carrying the load mostly alone, with only some support from volunteers and the board.… Read more “From slow decline to sustainability.”

Phil Galvin
Darwin's 97 Seven

With Ivan’s support, we have been able to take Darwin’s 97 Seven from being a ministry that was held together by band-aid processes to a place where it is both stable and sustainable. He has taught me how to fundraise in a way that has doubled our annual donor income since 2018. Ivan also assisted me in negotiating an incredibly difficult and politically charged board transition, allowing us to be in our current healthy governance position. Plus, his strategic planning skills have encouraged the board to not just look from budget to budget, but to actually plan for the healthy growth… Read more “Phil Galvin”

Phil Galvin

Working with Ivan helped me to refocus on my ministry at the church. We talked things through and got specific about what I was going to do, how, and by when. It helped us to get several new initiatives up and running with a bit of clarity. I think this is because Ivan is able to ask the right questions and then zero in on what is important and “doable”. Then, of course, there is the accountability he provides. Part of the work was to nail me down when necessary. I tend to be a bit nebulous, and moving things… Read more “Ps Rob Edwards”

Ps Rob Edwards
Peace Lutheran Church Gatton

Working with Ivan gave me clarity on direction, the courage to take the next steps, and practical grounding for my dream ideas. Ivan’s knowledge and encouragement helped me see what is… Read more “Paula May”

Paula May

Ivan has worked with DOC Media as a client when he was running a station we worked with, as a contractor we chose to work with to support our efforts in other stations, and then as a DOC Media employee. We love and respect his uniqueness of being able to quickly engage and motivate donors to give large gifts in phone calls and some emails. Watching him work was remarkable. He made major donors calls on behalf of DOC Media with Gippsland, Darwin, Gold Coast, and Gympie appeals and across the board he brought magnificent and unique skills to grow… Read more “Remarkable”

Luke Holt
DOC Media

Our leadership team benefited immensely from the time we spent with Ivan Green.  His leadership experience and his ability to communicate that with authenticity and humility impacted us deeply, and during a crucial time in our organisation’s history.  Ivan’s stories and principles reached people at different levels of leadership nous and responsibility. Personally speaking, I am incredibly thankful for the ongoing support and coaching that Ivan provides.  I cannot recommend him highly enough as someone who can invest in people within an organisation, either in a group setting, or through one-on-one coaching or… Read more “Sam Jackson”

Sam Jackson
Toowoomba Community Baptist Church

Every CEO needs someone to chat with, run ideas by, or just get a good old-fashioned kick up the bum from someone outside of your business for not performing as a CEO should. And for me, Ivan Green has been my coach for 18 months now, and I can vouch that he is one of the best Leadership Coaches in the business, give him a call you will not be disappointed by the coaching you… Read more “Michael Boland”

Michael Boland

Having Ivan as a coach has helped to confirm a lot of my thinking and encouraged me to keep thinking about how to move things forward. I appreciate having someone to focus on me 🙂 and on where I’m heading and to keep encouraging me to move forward and not… Read more “Moving Forward”

Letitia Shelton
City Women