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Your role as the leader of your organisation can be tough, even on the best of days. But some days are just brutal.
  • You often feel trapped in a forest of details.
  • It seems your diary controls you when you should control your diary.
  • Your ministry is negatively affecting the well-being of your family and the health of your most important relationships.
  • You feel alone and isolated as you navigate the conflicts and changes in your organisation.
  • You feel the tension between planning for the future and simply getting through today.
  • You’re emotionally, physically and spiritually tired.
  • You find yourself picking up after others instead of holding your team accountable.
  • You KNOW that God has called you to accomplish something extraordinary, but you have no idea where to begin.

Lead With Confidence.

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Lead Well and Increase Your Impact—Personally and Professionally.

Dare Greatly Leadership Coaching is for YOU.

As a leadership coach, I help leaders like you transform their organisations and change lives from the top down. I work with you to clarify your values, create a powerful vision, and design a plan to achieve it. In the process, I work with you to develop your skills and set healthy boundaries so that you flourish as a leader.

I’m with you on the journey, providing the support needed to deal with the pressure that you face every day, and the accountability that will help you stay on track with the actions critical for making your vision a reality.

I’ve seen coaching:

  • Help a state-based politician successfully balance his roles as a husband, a dad and a follower of Jesus, while authentically serving his constituency.
  • Equip and prepare a senior leader of a large Christian organisation for the role of CEO.
  • Support not-for-profit leaders as they spearhead fundraising campaigns for their organisations. I love watching as they gain the confidence and language to make big asks with big courage.

My Preferred Coaching Model.

Coaches today employ numerous methods and processes when working with clients. Of them all, I am most drawn to the 4D Appreciative Coaching Model. I like its positive spin and its inspirational message to my clients. However, please know that I’ll take whatever approach helps you achieve your desired outcomes the best.


Discover your goals, explore your strengths and assets, remember ‘what works’, identify what holds you back & what will drive you to succeed.


Create a powerful, meaningful and achievable picture of your future, where you see yourself flourishing as you lead well and live authentically.


Determine what “should be”, discard what “shouldn’t be”, and design a plan to turn your dream into a reality.


Take real action, achieve your goals and turn your dream into reality, knowing that I will provide the support you need to stay on track.

VIP Coaching Program


Coaching: Eight 1-hour one-on-one coaching sessions across six months.

Tools and resources to maximise each coaching session and maintain momentum.

Exclusive access to the private Dare Greatly Collective Facebook group so that we can continue the conversation.

Unlimited access to me via phone/text/email between coaching sessions.

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(or monthly payments of $220)

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