Dare Greatly Coaching


gather your leaders, cultivate a team and move forward with confidence.

Building a not-for-profit organisation that transforms lives demands the synergy of a committed team – a team ready to unite through robust dialogues and strategic choices. Immerse your team in our empowering facilitations, providing a dynamic and organised space for your team to gain absolute clarity and carve out a tangible roadmap for progress.

GRIP+ team development.

Leveraging the GRIP+ Behavioural and Spiritual Gifts Assessment, I guide you in fostering profound unity within both your team and organisation. GRIP+ is a powerful tool for personal revelation and an invaluable resource for comprehending team dynamics and effectiveness. Our focus extends beyond individual self-discovery, diving into the collective essence of who we are as a team and the synergy of “groups of we”. By harmonising all the teams and groups within your organisation, we gain greater clarity regarding God’s design for the Kingdom. This provides insights into missional direction and shared calling and serves as the linchpin for aligning our purpose, ensuring coherence, and driving transformative results.

strategic planning retreats.

Imagine assembling your team’s trailblazers for a strategic planning retreat that culminates with the kind of crystal-clear vision that propels you forward with unwavering certainty. Whether you’re aspiring to craft a comprehensive 3-to-5-year Strategic Plan, opting for a more focused Annual Plan, or aiming for a revitalizing review of your existing plan, I specialise in facilitating strategic planning workshops that are a dynamic blend of enjoyment, engagement, and productivity, delivering tangible results and decisive resolutions. So, let’s liberate everyone from the confines of their daily grind, redirect our focus beyond the office walls, and collectively gaze upon the grand canvas of possibilities before us.